Newborn families are my new favourite type of family to photograph.

There’s just something about this moment in time, it’s so unlike any other in your life; every moment feels exhausting and wonderful, vulnerable and peaceful, chaotic and still, confusing and profound, all at once. Bringing a new child into your life, whether it be your first or your fifth, is a momentous occasion, and for some, it’s one that they want to document. I never push for parents or siblings to take photos with their new little baby (as I know everyone’s physical and emotional state is the not the same and needs to be honored and respected), but for those who decide to get in front of the camera, I applaud them and I hope that these images become their most treasured possessions.

Babies don’t stay little, that is one sure thing in life, and they will only fit in your arms like this once, so if you feel comfortable enough (and trust me I will do everything I can to help you feel comfortable), then consider capturing a heritage moment like this.


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