Personal | 18 in 2018

Personal  | 18 in 2018

2018 was a good year.

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, and that the 2010s are almost over ( We had a good year as a family, with the kids taking their first airplane trip, and us taking a family vacation to California (we #snowbirded and I TOTALLY get it now), and to a tiny corner of Nova Scotia; we visited sea caves and beaches and rivers and set up a kiddie pool to escape the brutal heat of the summer; the kids became even more independent and cool; we celebrated 15 years together and 12 year married; we focused on saving for a big trip and kept the renovations to a minimum (even though Dan did build a new deck), and we had the same leisurely life full of seasons that we are so blessed to have.

I managed to keep up with my personal editing this year, which made choosing my favs both easy and hard. My personal images are getting ‘plainer’ every year but I’m getting more okay with it every year as well. Whether it’s in beautiful light, at a beautiful location, in a perfect pose, or whether it’s at home in my dirty house with shirtless kids doing boring things, it’s all worth documenting and it’s all precious to me.

So here we go, 1 image to sum up each month in 2018 (plus 6 other favs from the year) <3



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