Behind the Scenes-Wedding Season 2018

Another year gone, and another set of embarrassing images of Sara and I at work.

It was a less busy season last year than in seasons past (only 10 weddings plus a few elopements/small intimate weddings), which meant that I didn’t see Sara as much as I usually do (we’ve since made up for that by having a bi-weekly breakfast date), but in a strange way, it made us appreciate our time together even more. We were relaxed, we worked hard, we sweated (and had a few days of perfect weather), we laughed and ate rushed meals, we talked about everything under the sun on our drives to and from locations, and we even got to spend a night in a cool AirBnB…really can’t complain about my ‘job’ with my best friend.

It was another incredible year with lovely, kind, beautiful people, and I can’t wait to do it again this year.

(PS-This was my first wedding season using a double camera holster and I LOVED it, what a difference it makes!)

(PPS-Shoutout to my blue skinny pants, they were the real MVP of the season.)


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