Sonia & Greg | Fredericton, NB EMBRACE Couples Photographer [Lifestyle]

Sonia & Greg | Fredericton, NB EMBRACE Couples Photographer [Lifestyle]

Take time to reconnect.

Last month I met up with Greg and Sonia, good friends of ours, for a little in-home reconnection session. With 2 little boys at home and 2 in school, they are busy parents , dealing with everyday stresses and tasks. It’s so easy to get lost in life and lose the foundation of it all, your relationship. I’m SO happy these two decided to spend a morning together, with me forcing them to cuddle for a couple hours in their underwear (you won’t see too many shots in their underwear here, they decided to only share the more dressed images, which is totally fine by me!) It’s a boudoir/Embrace hybrid, and I love it.

If you and your love are interested in reconnecting in this way (like I said, I MAKE you cuddle and get closer than you might get in normal life, which is soooo good for your oxytocin levels! I promise you’ll feel lovier afterwards), please get in touch, this is the perfect time of year for it.

[If you are interested in seeing my boudoir work, please visit my secret-but-not-so-secret boudoir account, HERE]


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