Rachelle and Matt | Rothesay, NB Engagement Photographer [Outdoor]

Rachelle and Matt | Rothesay, NB Engagement Photographer [Outdoor]

My first engagement session of the year!

Waaaay back in late May, when the leaves were still just budding and the warmth was slowly coming back to our finicky province, I met up with Rachelle and Matt for the engagement photos. I actually met these 2 lovely people the previous fall at another brides wedding, they were in the bridal party and I will always remember them because Matt is the only groomsmen I know who had Subway brought to him (by his mom) halfway through the wedding party photos (I have a photo of him eating the sub). Now forever known as the ‘sub guy’, I was thrilled when they asked me to be a part of their August wedding. For their engagement photos I decided to do something a bit different; knowing Matt was a bit of a shy guy (and loved food), I suggested that we start our session off with a bit of ice cream before heading to the water. They loved the idea and I think it suited them well 🙂 It’s so nice to work with kind, quiet, and yes even shy people from time to time, and teasing out the emotion between them (there was a lot, they are super cuddly!), was so fun for me.

What a great start to engagement and the outdoor shooting season!


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