Cathy and John | Saint John, NB Engagement Photographer [Outdoor]

Cathy and John | Saint John, NB Engagement Photographer [Outdoor]

Couples with a touch of gray? Count me in.

Oh, sessions like this give me *life*. There is nothing better than meeting a couple and ‘clicking’ almost right away, photographing them as they cuddle and display absolute perfection in front of the camera, and soaking up the first really gorgeous light of the Spring in a few new-to-me locations. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more (except for the part where I lost my car keys in the grass and it took 15 mins to find them before we lost the light completely…thanks guys for finding them!)

Cathy and John were so sweet and nice, we had a nice time chatting about being former Haligonians, wearing lots of rings, and being in the over 35 set. I was THRILLED when they asked me to photograph their wedding next year as well!

This gig, man. It’s pretty sweet.


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