Sally and Chris | Norton, NB Engagement Photographer [Outdoor]

Sally and Chris | Norton, NB Engagement Photographer [Outdoor]

We chased a waterfall.

Last month, on a truly beautiful summer-like evening, I met up with Sally and Chris, who are getting married this September. We met in up a little country church parking lot, I said hello, hopped into their backseat, and we took off up some country roads. I told them to pull over on a nondescript section of road, we headed into the woods on a little path, and there it was, Smith Falls. I had been there a couple times before, but never with clients, and was so glad they agreed to a bit of adventure. We got eaten alive by bugs, but it was worth it.

We later pulled over on another section of road and the gorgeous light just made me so giddy. (Not as giddy as these two, though, who were so cute and smiley together.) I can’t wait for their wedding in September!


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