Autumn and Brady | Sussex, New Brunswick Couples Photographer [Outdoor]

*Sigh* Young Love.

Remember being 18? Honestly I kind of don’t. I’ve been alive twice that long and honestly trying to remember what it was like to graduate high school, or to be a very new ‘adult’ feels so foreign to me! Seeing Autumn, our kids’ babysitter these past few years, all grown up is also surreal; I definitely still think that’s she’s too little and shouldn’t be leaving her mom’s house and should stop growing up thankyouverymuch! (I’m sure she hates me posting that.)

Anyway, when she asked me to take a few photos of her and her beau Brady of course I said yes but part of me couldn’t believe she was at this stage, already. Life just hurdles on, doesn’t it?

Anyway, enjoy these two young lovebirds, who giggled and cuddled the way young ones giggle and cuddle…it was so cute.

(PS-Also, I love the end of Fall, and the deadness. Oh, how I love the deadness.)


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