It’s that time of year again!

2019 was another incredible year for me and my business, with a good variety of sessions that made me *so* happy and reinforced in my mind what I should be putting my energy in to photographing, with boudoir being right there at the top of the list!

I don’t normally share boudoir images on this site, mainly because I have a separate business name/page/website/socials for boudoir, so if you would like to follow me for all that good stuff (HERE), but let me tell you, I LOVE SHOOTING BOUDOIR. There is something about the intimacy, the moodiness, the healing, the self love, the sensuality, the sexuality, the joy, the fun of it all that really appeals to me in this current season of life. If I could shoot boudoir several times a year, I would be a happy girl.

2019 brought me some awesome clients, all brave and vulnerable and powerful and kick ass, loving themselves and putting value on their own journey. I hope you do too <3

(If you’d like to see this post as a sexy slideshow, click HERE.)


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