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Behind the Scenes-Wedding Season 2019 – Genevieve Flynn Photography

Behind the Scenes-Wedding Season 2019

Our 6th season doing this together, and as good as ever.

It’s so hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for 6 years now! It’s funny because we have turned almost into an old married couple at work; we don’t really need to speak our needs to each other out loud, we just know what to do (which is why I’m so determined to hold onto her for as long as she will let me!!)

We chat, we squabble, we quip, we laugh, we get tired, we get hot, we get cold, we get wet, we get hungry, we do it all together and it’s the best.

We had 13 weddings this year, so a fairly busy year, that took us to some really pretty locations and hung out with some pretty cool people. Not really a ‘job’, if you ask me 🙂

(Also shout out to April for coming along with me back in June, and to my most handsome assistant Dan, who came along with me to my first wedding in Pictou, NS!)

Let’s do it again in 2020, yeah?


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