Personal-When this is all over…

Personal-When this is all over…

It is an uncertain, unprecedented time (#duh).

The past 4 weeks have been the craziest, weirdest and wildest 4 weeks of my adult life. I’m sure many are feeling the same, and I know that many are also feeling scared, anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. We’ve never had to do this before. We’ve never had to deal with a deadly, global pandemic which has killed many and shut down our societies. Kids are out of school, people are out of work, small businesses are adapting or going under, concerts, events, weddings, parties, celebrations are being delayed, and the future seems very uncertain.

We feel lucky. This time of year is traditionally both our ‘slow time’, so Dan and I are used to being home a bit more (and being a bit tighter financially too). Our kids are at the age where they can entertain themselves all day long, and besides trying to force them to do a bit of school work every day, they are really enjoying their extra long break (I hope that their memories of this time will be playing together, watching movies, drawing lots from the Art Club Kids YouTube channel, and not feeling any stress or fear about what is going on outside of our walls.)

I have been fortunate enough to receive help for my business from the CERB and Red Cross, so for now, I feel ok. My wedding season, which was already a bit smaller than usual, has been cut down, with even more postponements expected. I feel so sad for all the brides and grooms out there, having to make super tough choices about one of the biggest day of their lives. It can all be a bit dark if you let it sink in.

BUT, there is goodness out there too. People are showing up for each other in ways, both big and small, that were not expected. We are so blessed to live in a time where virtual communication is accessible and easy, so that we can keep in touch with each other in more ways than ever. The cracks in our society are being laid bare, and I hope that some big structural and societal changes will come out of this. There is hope, and there is goodness.

A photographer friend of mine, Joni Burtt, posted this message the other day, and I thought it was super well said:

“I’m already counting on having fewer sessions. As we’ve probably (mostly) all realized, pandemics do bad things to budgets and bank accounts. I know that some of my clients will not have family photography as a priority as they recover from financial losses, and that is a position I fully understand.

What I am hoping is that those of you out there who have a regular, favourite photographer (not just me – I have thousands who follow this page, so most of you have your own preferred photographer) – if you can afford their services, please hire them. I am already fearing the deals/discounts/free sessions that will be offered and how businesses like mine will continue to suffer. 

I am looking forward to being able to patronize my favourite small businesses again, and I hope you will, too, when it’s financially feasible.  <3 And if you can’t, you can help by participating in their posts, sharing their posts, recommending them, and tagging them.”

I, too, hope that small businesses will be supported and will be able to survive this, because trust me, most of us work hard, love our jobs, and don’t want this to be the end. Capturing your memories, whether it be your wedding, your baby’s first photos, their 1-year milestone, or your family photos, is such an honour and one that I hope will continue long after Covid-19 is out of our lives.

When this is all over, I’ll be booking a photography session, and I hope you do too.*

(*Doesn’t have to be with me!)

(Speaking of sessions, I don’t think I’ve shared these images from our family session last summer with the wonderful Jennifer Michelle! Here are a few favs…very grateful to be isolated with these three, and cannot wait to get back out on the beach with them.)

Stay safe, stay sane, stay the course <3


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