Best of 2020-Newborns [Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer]

Best of 2020-Newborns [Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer]


2020 was bit of an odd year for my business but at the same time, a lot of it was the same. The first couple of months went on as usual, then the world shut down and so did my studio. I opened back up at the end of May to a flurry of ‘catch up’ sessions, but with most of my weekends free from weddings. The newborns kept rolling in luckily and I met 20 special little darlings who kept a dark year quite bright.

It was the year I learned to shoot with a mask (and eventually gloves) on, the year I worked both with and without an assistant due to restrictions, the year I fell more in love with colour, the year I bought way too many props, the year I went home from sessions completely defeated, the year I tried brand new poses, the year I got peed on (well, that’s every year), the year I AWWW’ed so loudly at my computer that I’m sure my neighbours heard me, the year I caught up with several former wedding couples-turned-parents, the year I absolutely loved, despite it all.

Say hello the 2020 babies, the Covid babies, the ones born during an historic year. They are the future.


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