Personal-20 in 2020

Personal-20 in 2020

2020 was a year we’ll never forget.

For many, obvious reasons, 2020 was not the year that most of us thought that it would be. Luckily for us, it was still a pretty good year (all things considering). Our kids were at ages (10 and 8.5) where having them at home did not equal a whole lot of stress for us (it was, in fact, quite nice), and our jobs were in their natural lulls during the first lockdown anyway, meaning we did not suffer financially as much as others did.

With the Atlantic Bubble we still got to travel a bit, having a pre-pandemic staycation in St. Andrews, taking a trip to PEI and Halifax, visiting The Fundy Trail and some new beaches, and also still celebrating our anniversary on Grand Manan like we always do.

The kids started school (Grades 4 and 5) without much fanfare and were troopers with the new rules and wearing masks. We all got used to masks and the new rules…we learned what a ‘bubble’ was and who we wanted in it.

My workload was different (most weddings were postponed or cancelled), but it gave me more weekends off with my family, which was nice, and I was still lucky enough to work enough at my other sessions to get through the year, and Dan was as busy as ever (heating doesn’t stop for a pandemic).

As with the past several years, I did not take nearly as many family/personal photos as in previous years, both due to kids aging and doing fewer ‘cute’ activities (only so many times I can photograph them on their phones), and due to my own lack in desire, which I’m learning to accept as the natural ebb and flo of life…maybe someday I’ll get that urge to shoot more personal work but right now I’m happy to have these memories, these kids, this husband, and this lucky, love-filled life.

Our 2020 was memorable because of the outside world, but it was so, so good at home <3


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