Charlie | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

Charlie | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

First newborn of 2021!

The 2021 babies have arrived! It’s so hard to believe that this will be my 10th year in business and that I’ve been photographing newborns who are now tweens (like my own kids!) What a strange thought, and so cool, too.

Charlie came in for a model call and oh my word I’m not going to lie, he made my WORK. Totally uninterested in sleeping for longer than a few moments, I had to use every trick I had and every ounce of patience (which, after 10 years, is quite a few ounces, I must say…) He had the cutest little face and great hair though, so I totally let it slide (spoiler alert: I let them ALL slide).

Cannot wait to meet this 2021 crew, they were born into a crazy world but I know they will only make it better <3

Hello Charlie, nice to meet you.


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