Norah | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

Norah | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

A new little sister.

Oh my, 2 months since my last blog post? That’s…completely believable for me! I am able to say that part of the reason why I’ve been slack on my blogging is that I have been consistently shooting all winter, for which I’m super grateful! Lots of newbies and yearlings coming through the studio and now that the weather is getting nice I’ve been venturing out for sessions as well! The train rolls on, as they say.

First up, sweet little Norah! I met her brother Henry 2.5 years ago, which is crazy, feels like yesterday…she had a bit of a different look to her and was such a good little sleeper! She was also the one who confirmed that I need to put more little girls in blue, I LOVE IT. I’ll be seeing her again next year for her 1 year photos, yay!

Hello Norah, nice to meet you.


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