Sadie | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

Sadie | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

The smiliest girl with the smiliest parents.

Oh my word I was absolutely thrilled to hear of this little lady’s arrival last Fall and then to meet her a couple months ago was such a joy, mostly because her parents, a former wedding couple who will forever be known as the “Dorian” couple due to getting married during a hurricane, are some of my favourite people EVER. I legit am in love with both of them and their love for each other is palpable, so when they introduced a new little babe to that love, it was bursting over and you could feel it in the studio (even my assistant commented on their energy.)

So, because of that, I totally forgave Sadie for being a bit cheeky, a bit awake during her session, because she was so cute and so adorable, I just smiled and loved her the entire way through.

Hello Sadie, nice to meet you.


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