Olive | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photography [Studio]

Olive | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photography [Studio]

A little one who was so wanted and is so loved.

I will honestly admit that sometimes when I’m in the routine of photographing newborns and seeing many come in and out the door every month, I sometimes forget just how momentous, important and life changing it is to have a new baby (especially your first, but really any baby). The overwhelming feelings of love, the overwhelming worries, the intense attachment, the connection to your partner, it’s all so BIG, and it’s one of the craziest times in your life. As a mom of two older kids (10 and almost 12 now!), those days seem so long ago now but seeing Chelsea with her sweet angel Olive-her rainbow baby-and feeling the emotions felt throughout the session, really brought home that what I’m doing is an honour and a privilege to witness. I will try not to forget.

Hello Olive, nice to meet you.


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