Maria | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

Maria | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

My favourite family.

After over 10 years in business, I still cannot get over the support I’ve gotten from certain folks over the years; coming back and choosing me for all their life events, keeping up with me on social media, and always being so kind with their words; Katie and Stephen are definitely those type of clients. They were my very first destination wedding all the way back in 2012 (10-year anniversary this year!), and they also asked me to capture their first little lady’s photos back in 2017; now they’ve come back with their second gorgeous daughter Maria. It means so much to me <3

Now, onto Maria; I cannot stress how EASY she was for me. She never woke, never made a peep, was bendy and posable, had gorgeous skin and hair…just all around perfect. Loved her and this little (very cool) family.

Hello sweet Maria, nice to meet you.


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