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BEST OF 2018 | NEWBORNS – Genevieve Flynn Photography


2018 was my first full year in the studio, and boy, did I get to to use it a lot!

23 amazing little boys and girls, all with their own distinct personalities, features, and experiences, all coming to me from various backgrounds, from different sized families, but all pure and sweet and new. It was the year I really honed in on my workflow, developed my ‘style’ for newborns, learned my angles, and fell in love with this art form more than ever.

I have a few changes coming to my newborn experience this year, mainly that I want to start offering in-person viewing appointments, so I hope to roll that out by the time the Spring babies come around, and of course I want to continue to grow in my skills so that I can give your precious little ones the safest, calmest and most professional experience I can (and you as well.)

Bring on the 2019 babies!!


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