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Charlotte | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio] – Genevieve Flynn Photography

Charlotte | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

Charlotte | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer [Studio]

**3 babies under 3**

This family will always be special to me. I first met Shawna and Pete in 2016 when they brought their 1st sweet daughter Mya to my home studio. Not too long after that in 2017 I got the news that they were expecting again! The two siblings would be less than 18 months apart. As a member of the ‘2 under 2’ club, I was excited and slightly terrified for them, haha, knowing what they would be expecting. I met MacKenzie in January 2018 in my new Rothesay studio. During that session they talked about perhaps having a third, close together like the girls, and I kind of laughed, said that they were crazy, but secretly hoped it would happen (just for the selfish reason of seeing them all again). Then lo and behold, not long into 2018 I heard news that a third (and last) little one one would be arriving! Enter Charlotte, the tiniest, easiest, and perhaps hairiest of the three girls 😉

3 girls, under 3 years old! What an adventure they are embarking on, and what best friends these sisters are going to be. It was bittersweet, knowing it would be the last time photographing them, but I’m so excited to see them all grow up (and excited for Pete and Shawna to finally get some sleep!)

Welcome to the world, sweet Charlotte.


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